Megger Test

Megger TestIndustrial Tests, Inc. provides comprehensive Megger Test services as part of our Electrical Testing and Maintenance services. We perform Megger Test for industrial plants, large commercial facilities and municipal power stations. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are maintenance manager’s first choice for electrical testing, maintenance and repair.

Overview of Megger Test

A megger is basically an ohm meter on steroids.? They both test for the insulation properties of electrical wiring, motor windings, and high power antennae mounts.?? However, meggers use a much higher voltage to identify resistances.?? Megger Testing is harmless to the equipment since a DC voltage is applied to the device that is being tested. The test is simply to show if there is any knick, laceration, or hole in the insulation.? Megger settings range from 300V to 10kV.? ITI’s team of certified electricians possesses the knowledge to use the proper voltage setting on a wide variety of electrical equipment.?? Otherwise, there is the potential of damaging the equipment being tested.? Megger tests show leakages in current and its specific location by identify areas where there are damages to the insulation.? It is also possible to detect leaks on bad motors, transformers, generators, and other equipment found in substations.

How to Interpret Results

Cables need to be replaced if they show resistances under 1.00, cables that show readings between 1.00 and 1.35 are functional, and cables that show readings higher than 1.35 are fully functional.? Resistances should increase after each test since heat dissipating through the cables from the test increases resistance.

Benefits of Megger Testing

  • Extended equipment life by following stringent maintenance guidelines
  • Reduce the cost of repair by taking preventative maintenance measures
  • No damage to equipment since the test is harmless.
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Fees are competitive and honest
  • All personnel on the job are certified technicians in congruence with NETA standards
  • A Registered PE (professional Engineer) will proof read all engineering reports and calculations

Providing Megger Tests To California And Nationwide

Megger Test nationwideWith offices in outside Sacramento and Fresno, California, Industrial Tests, Inc. provides Megger Test services to clients throughout California including San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego as well as Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Texas and nationwide. We serve industrial, commercial and municipal clients in various industries including power stations, power plants, wind and solar, petro-chemicals, manufacturing, hotels, hospitals, municipalities, defense contractors, data centers and many other applications that rely on high power electric equipment. Whatever your Megger Test needs may be, contact us and we will make sure that your equipment is treated with the care and safety requirements that it deserves. See our full line of electrical testing.

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