Solar Energy Maintenance

End-to-end solar energy testing provided by experts
Securing the functionality and efficiency of your solar systems

Switching to greener energies is one way we can all tackle the urgent issue of global warming. If you are a home or office owner who is taking this step individually, solar panels and PV modules are the equipment that needs to be installed first.

Merely installing them will not create the magic. You need to maintain these systems on a regular basis to get the best of their functionality and efficiency. DIY hacks for maintaining solar systems don’t work always. You need qualified professionals who can do the job for you.

This is where we, Industrial Tests Inc., enter as a professional team of engineers and technicians providing reliable and state-of-the-art solar energy maintenance services. We serve a clientele of residential, commercial, and municipal entities, who trust us for our timeliness and professionalism.

Whether it’s a PV module, AC module, solar panel, power unit, charge controller, or inverter, Industrial Tests Inc. can take care of every component and accessory of your solar system. Our expert technicians and inspectors will ensure that your home or office meets its environmental safety norms and attains the peak of energy-efficiency.

We believe in prevention more than cure

The performance of your solar systems increases when you commit to a long-term preventive program. We do exactly this at Industrial Test Inc. We create preventive maintenance programs that meet the specific needs of our clients and includes test schedules, maintenance procedures, and equipment replacement.

We know what needs to be done, do it within a stipulated time-frame, and report the nitty-gritty of the process. We have established a transparent process, from evaluation and inspection to action-taking and reporting, which makes us a proactive, structured, and customer-oriented company.

Our expertise:

???? Thermal imaging

???? AC and DC electrical testing

???? Mechanical inspections

???? IV curve testing

Our services

???? Solar panel and systems cleaning.

???? Photovoltaic (PV) systems repair and maintenance

???? Solar warranty compliance

???? Solar asset management and reporting

???? Solar commissioning

???? Inverter and converter maintenance

Why choose us?

Choose us at Industrial Tests Inc. because we are:


We put together decades of experience while serving our clients. Our technicians know solar systems like the back of the hand and provide solutions that suit your needs.


We use cutting-edge cleaning technologies to get the job done. We keep an eye on different developments taking place in the industry and innovate our skills to keep pace with time.


Unlike many other companies who over commit and under deliver for the price you pay, we prove a lot more affordable. Our maintenance services, although high advanced, don’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Most issues with solar systems require immediate resolution because there are chances of further damage happening to them. Hence we align our resources to get the repair and maintenance job done on time.

Are your energy bills soaring every month? Is your solar system not functioning properly? There could be some issue that requires professional attention. Call us at 1-888-809-8550 get a comprehensive solar system maintenance service today.

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